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Adopted by the cullens

Adopted by the cullens

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welshtwihard By welshtwihard Updated Dec 01, 2013

Emily was abused by her parents until she was eight she has lived in an orphanage in Seattle ever since, she is still abused there she's now 13 and the cullens adopt her will she finally have a real family or will she end up back at the orphanage??

Pfffft im from L.A california and mostly everyone is welsh here in the comments or scotland
I_am_the_gingy I_am_the_gingy May 05, 2016
As of right now, my only thoughts are on William Herondale, and how he speaks Welsh
Me when my cousins wake up my baby cousins the babies i just put to sleep (they are baby twin girls so its dificult to put them to sleep)
Susan_bones03 Susan_bones03 Jun 24, 2016
My name is Emily and Im thirteen...........this is just weird.
If this was me sleeping i would not look pretty at all,not gonna give the details im just saying
BlusterBlurb BlusterBlurb Jun 01, 2016
I don't know why, but that reminds me of the Temmie Village in Undertale.
                                  Hoi! I'm TEM, and dis is ma Fren, TEM. Hoi I'm TEM, and dis is ma fren, TEM. Hoi! I'm TEM! Don't forget ma Fren!!! .........Hi. I'm Bob.