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Stuck with the bad boy

Stuck with the bad boy

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Victoria By Muffiish Updated Jan 03

Did he know how hard it was for me to breathe when he was this close to me? Our bodies were pressed to each others and the feeling of him tensing up by my touch on his abdomen made me smile but yet blush. ''Victoria Summers, you're so dead'' he said in a sexy husky voice making me gulp. This was the end, i didn't know what he had planned but he was going to do something. ''and i want to grow old and die with you'' he said and kissed me all emotions in display. Taken by surprise i stood still with his lips pressed to my lips thinking through what he just said. This would defintiely ruin his reputation, this was to sweet to be badass. 

Victoria Summers is sent to boarding school after some incidents that happens but what she didn't expect was to share her room with a boy. Ricky Jacobs, the bad boy. Only on her first day her boyfriend Jake Nash breaks up with her after a misunderstanding. She kicks a boy named Ethan Finley and they actually becomes friends after that. Victoria thinks that Ethan has a crush on Paige Jennsen but that's not it and Ethan is scared of telling her. Ricky Jacobs is driving her crazy and their pranking is suddenly starting to become something else and her feelings change. But it's also something about Ricky that Victoria is determind to find out about. But it's one more boy in this picture and that's Damon Price, the player But Damon Price and Victoria is somehow linked together, the question is how? But with Ricky and Damon huge drama comes that will change everything but also answer the things that Victoria wants to know. 
Victoria does now have three boys after her in three different intentions and that's Ricky, Damon and Jake.
But this is not the only thing she has to worry about, her mom's getting married with her principal Mr.Lopez and her brother Elliot is suddenly missing. But then... what about her dad?

I do that too when someone go too far all hell break loose on them.😈😈😈😈😈
StoryInspire StoryInspire Oct 28, 2016
Please do not use the word 'retarded' it is so disrespectful. I'm not going to continue with this book if it says that again