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Taylor Cochran By taylorcochran93 Updated Nov 14, 2016

After 3 years Lucas Friar mysteriously reappears back into Riley Matthew's life. Much to her dismay. 
Since he spent 5 years seemingly torturing her, he's back and has no intention of leaving her alone again.
Only this time in a slightly... different way.

GMW CHOICE AWARD WINNER: Best Character Development

Cover by @PrincessRiles isn't it amazing?!?!


"OH SWEET CHEEKS!" Lucas sings and throws an arm over my shoulder, "why on earth are you going to class without me?"

I shrug casually and continue to walk to class, "Dorothy got back to Kansas. I'm hoping this is all a dream." I state with an arch of the eyebrow. He simply laughs at my misfortune, the jerk! "How did you get all the same classes as me? Let me rephrase that, how did you know what all my classes are?"

He shrugs innocently, though that is the furthest thing that Lucas Friar is. "I don't know what you're talking about Riles." 

I have this rated as Mature for precautionary purposes since i'm not yet done writing the story. It will probably change by the time i'm done.

Sarah23_06 Sarah23_06 Mar 21
Ok I really ❤❤❤❤❤ LUCAS but right now he's acting like a little bitch pls don't hate me everyone
I love Lucas being a huge flirt! It just adds to the fun of this book!
Yulieth1912 Yulieth1912 Jun 20
Then why tf did you throw her into a damn pool??? Huh? I thought you loved her? Rr
I am rereading this as it has become my favourite Rucas book!
Sarah23_06 Sarah23_06 Mar 21
The jerkiness is kind of cute *p.s i don't think jerkiness is a real word
moonlight-dreamer moonlight-dreamer Nov 23, 2016
I know I shouldn't like him at this point because he bothers Riley... but I'm a bit intrigued lol.