My Psycho Son

My Psycho Son

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Yasu-tan! By YasuBloodly Updated Feb 23

(not yaoi but there'll be a little scene of yaoi) -Please read description-

[From Mine Series]

Created: 4 May 2017

Warning: May contains with gore,blood,psycho,abuse,mental illness,depression and etc

Aki is just a normal high school boy,everything just normal in his life,except for his depressed father who is having a mentality broke down after his wife's death.Althought his father were like that,he continued loving his father and in the end his father turn back to his normal self.

But something isn't right for his dad

"Its weird...I know it is...what happened to my innocent son?
How can it turned out to be like this?"

Indeed you're the father here!

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putaemin putaemin Dec 02, 2017
im all about yaoi ships, but is it bad i don't ship these two?
                               i ship them lowkey lowkey as brothers, just not lovers way. 
                              i would if they were at least 16+, but they're not