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Hermione The Deatheater

Hermione The Deatheater

293K Reads 12.5K Votes 75 Part Story
slytheringirl6350 By slytheringirl6350 Completed

When Hermione is betrayed by her friends and the order she has no where else to go but to the people she thought were her enemies.
But when she gets there she realizes not everyone is who the seem to be.

Highest ranking: #33 in fanfiction

mooneye_moody mooneye_moody Dec 07, 2016
I'm writing a Dramione death eater fanfic too 😃 (don't worry I didn't/wont copy)
mmetters mmetters Jan 03
Am I the only one who is going to say this but I say KILL THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!😈😈😈👿👿👿👿
notdevy notdevy Oct 06, 2016
                              Again, the confusion between the authors note and the chapter exists. Also, when writing dialogues, when another person speaks, leave a line. It is more clean and smoothens the flow. There are again no descriptions.
justdarcy justdarcy Nov 28, 2016
If you can join my fandom bookclub that would be great but if it is too much work with your own that is ok
Sara91Helal Sara91Helal Oct 13, 2016
                              You need to focus on Hermione's emotions, except for being angry, you said nothing. Also, relying on Hermione's background, I don't think her parent's death would lead her to joining death-eaters, not that simply, it sounds  so...  unlike her?
JamzCHAMP JamzCHAMP Jan 09
1. she cant apparate at all and two you she should have just appparated into knockturn alley if rules don't apply in this fic