What Was That Instagram Post Again? •Vlante FF•

What Was That Instagram Post Again? •Vlante FF•

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Vylad was scrolling thru Instagram, when he saw a picture of him and Dante. The picture was captioned 'My sweet prince.', which had Vylad angered. Sure, Vylad might like Dante, but Vylad didn't know that Dante felt the same way. Or... At least according to the picture. Was that post the start of a new relationship or the end their strong friendship?

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•Description by @CarWritesFanfic•

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•Story Written by @CarWritesFanfic•

•Story Takes Place in MyStreet S1•

•Vylante/Vlante Story•

TrashinatorTheSecond TrashinatorTheSecond Aug 26, 2016
Get rekt Nicole
                              Apparently i wad thinking the same as half the comment section
OtakuYaoiTrash99 OtakuYaoiTrash99 Oct 30, 2016
*Vlyad and Dante hold hands* 
                              [People] OHHHHHHHHHHHH NICOLE GOT THE VLYAD BURN OHHHH
                              *Gangster glasses appear on Vlyad's face* .°(ಗдಗ。)°.
AnimeTurtleLover AnimeTurtleLover Dec 28, 2016
I went on Instagram typed in blue_badass, only had badass_blue that's when I threw my dog down the stairs
eggheadJade eggheadJade Nov 27, 2016
Wow best way to respond to threats, do exactly what they tell you not to do
nacevedo2006 nacevedo2006 Aug 30, 2016
That is a good picture but Vylad no likes dat pic but Dante-wait danty ooooooo
OneWithTheJELLYfish OneWithTheJELLYfish Oct 18, 2016
Can I marry that?Who made that?I want to know so they can make me more.😂😂😂😂