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+ Forever? +(Nathanael X Reader)

+ Forever? +(Nathanael X Reader)

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Kaitlyn Pines By RandomBaymaxStuff Updated Oct 09, 2016

You and Nathanael been close friends since the start of middle school. Over the years you've developed a huge crush on him whitch acedently led to you sketching him in your sketchbook. Only to find out, he likes someone else. That someone else is 
Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Your also close friends with Marinette. One day you, Alya and Marinette hung out after school. On your way out you realized you forgot your sketchbook. "Hey, Marinette! I forgot my sketch book..."Your eyes widen seeing her transform into Laydybug. "Tiki spots on!"

"Maranette is Laydybug?"You said to yourself watching her jump out of her window.


Hello Miraculous fans! This is my first Miraculous Laydybug fan fiction so i know it proboally won't be the best! Since I published this book in the summer I'll have plenty of time to update it. Maybe three chapter a week? Who knows.

BruhItzMarissa BruhItzMarissa Sep 11, 2016
It's ok young Writer when I started making Books (I have 21 I think) I made chapter that were only 100 words long but now it's 5 pages long
BruhItzMarissa BruhItzMarissa Sep 11, 2016
Sarcasm:Oh really totally-w-
                              Normal non sarcastic:I never watched porn or anything like dat
Eclips_DragonWolf Eclips_DragonWolf Dec 26, 2016
We are talking about the sweet cinnamon rool tomato boy why would you think that?