The First Time (Sequel) // J.P

The First Time (Sequel) // J.P

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Sel's P.O.V

I was holding a box, and entering inside my new home. Our new home. 

"Babe what are you doing? You can't carry anything while you're pregnant!" My boyfriend Josh said. 

Yes boyfriend. 

Joel and I divorced after 2 years of marriage, things weren't the same. He was never home, I was by myself all the time. 

He put his career first, and I knew he loved his job I just didn't expect the boys to get super famous, and for me to become his second priority. 

Sadly he understood, and didn't say anything. The day I called it quits was the day I was going to tell him I was pregnant. 

He didn't get to hear the good news. 

It's been 5 months and I have moved on. So has he...

Every time he post a picture on instagram it's with a different girl, or he's out in a club.

He's not the same Joel I fell in love with. 

I love Josh he's a great guy, and has been here for me. I just dont know if hes the one... maybe I rushed.

I'm just truly blessed to have Josh in my life, he tells me t...

OMG .. 😭😭 this is so sad 😪 but will they get back together ? 😩 please make 'em stay together 😩💕 but this was a great chapter & did you think of that song ? 😟 it's awesome tho 😍
What? No more Joel and Selena?? This is a sad moment for me😭
                              Anyways you needa update I freaking love this story so much😍❤️