Camp // phan

Camp // phan

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court knee By pIisetsky Updated Dec 07, 2016

Camp Overfell is a two month long escape from the troubling teenage life. At least, that's what the website says. 

For Dan Howell, it's nothing but an excuse for his parents to get rid of him for the summer, and rightly so. Okay, so maybe he fucks up sometimes. He didn't mean to set the classroom on fire, he was just trying to liven up the coma-inducing lesson. Long story short, he doesn't want to be here. 

But he is, and dealing with it isn't easy. Three roommates, one bathroom and constant adult supervision? Not his idea of an 'escape'. 

What he needs is fun, and maybe his eccentric bunk mates can help with that.

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PyroCandle PyroCandle 9 hours ago
In 8th grade I started a fire during lab, and no, contrary to what my mom believes, it was not an accident.
                              Also side note try rubbing steel wool on a battery sometime.
my bother once set my kitchen on fire making a 'lollipop' and my dad almost burned the balcony
                              haha I love my family
Emma_isnotonfire_ Emma_isnotonfire_ 3 days ago
I know, where you stand. Silent, in the trees 
                              NO WIFI??? TF!
amelia_7654 amelia_7654 Oct 15, 2016
Lol me dan and Phil will be the only British ones there 😂 🇬🇧
Satan take me back this is too much.....JK not as bad as some stuff
speakingironicly speakingironicly Nov 07, 2016
Honestly your account is perfect for when I need Phan action but don't know where to find it