Camp // phan [DISCONTINUED]

Camp // phan [DISCONTINUED]

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court knee By pIisetsky Updated 4 days ago

Camp Overfell is a two month long escape from the troubling teenage life. At least, that's what the website says. 

For Dan Howell, it's nothing but an excuse for his parents to get rid of him for the summer, and rightly so. Okay, so maybe he fucks up sometimes. He didn't mean to set the classroom on fire, he was just trying to liven up the coma-inducing lesson. Long story short, he doesn't want to be here. 

But he is, and dealing with it isn't easy. Three roommates, one bathroom and constant adult supervision? Not his idea of an 'escape'. 

What he needs is fun, and maybe his eccentric bunk mates can help with that.

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JPpiminJia JPpiminJia Jul 19
That's totally me...
                              I actually did that but in science lab in school
xrubyjx xrubyjx Oct 14
Only unrealistic thing about this is that england never gets hot
thatboiphan thatboiphan Sep 24
Well I wouldn't have set the classroom on fire....... it would have been the entire school and the classroom
wackspurt wackspurt Aug 03
Slender man, Slender man
                              Does whatever a slender can,
                              Has a face? Not in this place
                              Catches people at any size
                              Here comes slenderman
wackspurt wackspurt Aug 03
If it weren't for the rebrand, Dan would defiantly be on fire.
-amourkan -amourkan Jan 05
Never thought about I'm questioning my life right now.