Revenge of the Spirit Queen (discontinued)

Revenge of the Spirit Queen (discontinued)

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Lucy's POV
I'm supposed to meet Natsu at the guild at 12 because he says he wants to talk to me. I'm kinda freaking out a little bit nervous because I have a feeling something big is going to happen. I decided I'm going to wear a black mini dress with white trims on the hems, a ruffled cardigan with white trims, a pink heart necklace and black mid-calf boots. My hair is down and simple. Now I am off to see Natsu! 

Natsu's POV 
Today is the day I ask her. "What do I say? What if she says no? Will I have the courage?" Oh flames! Here she comes. "Wow Luce you look amazing!" "Thanks Natsu, what did you want to tell me?" Oh flames! I was so nervous that I dropped the teddy that had the ring in it. I quickly picked up the teddy and opened the mini backpack on it and pulled out a box. I got on one knee and opened the box saying "Lucy heartfilia will you make me the happiest dragon slayer in the world and marry me?" "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!"

Mira's POV
I am so happy for Natsu and Lucy ...

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                              Hatsune Miku anyone?
                              Black Rock Shooter anyone?
                              Oh. Ok
Neko-Niko-San-Neiko Neko-Niko-San-Neiko Dec 11, 2017
wtf the explanation is bad, the plot wayyy too quick and the narration could be better. You can improve.
I thought he was gonna kick her off the team... Too many revenge stories
yinEwamoto5019 yinEwamoto5019 Apr 26, 2017
Huh??? I'm sorry, but i don't get it. Can someone explain???
Lili is my name and it is spelt like that omg praise the lord someone got it RIGHT