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Peoples description of falling in love with the head man in the mafia is usually something like: he meets girl, he pursues girl whether she wants to be taken or not, he gets her,she changes him.

That's usually how it goes. Right?

But what if the girl doesn't change him for the better? What if he gets worst?

What if his mafia ways rubs off on the girl he once pursued and loved?

That's exactly what happened with Betty and Leo. But she isn't the typical female to stand down.

She will get revenge.This story is going to tell you how

(Very Mature and graphic scenes. In order to understand the story there will be very harsh scenes. They will not be played all the way through but if you can't take mature scenes then don't read this. Fair warning.)

  • action
  • love
  • mafia
  • mature
  • mobwife
  • revenge
  • strong-female
  • urban
Kiaamonique Kiaamonique Jul 07, 2017
Yesss, Catch Him And Then Let Them Catch The Fade And Some Bullets ! 🤗
Kiaamonique Kiaamonique Jul 07, 2017
Shiiiit I Would've Been Out Of That Bitch. Where The Money?, Take That To . All Of It .
kianabbasden kianabbasden Nov 25, 2017
First of all you messing with a dirty bitch. How she a grown woman and don’t know not to sit on a public toilet
What in the f^ck !? I'm so drawn to what happens next oml mami