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I'm Harry Potter's Twin (EDITING)

I'm Harry Potter's Twin (EDITING)

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Writer_in-the_making By Writer_in-the_making Updated Sep 05, 2016

What if Harry wasn't an only child? What if he had a twin sister? What if she was alive? And known as the girl that lived. Join Jessica Marie Potter as she goes to Hogwarts, meets her twin brother, makes new friends and falls in love. From finding the Sorcerer's Stone to going head to head with Voldemort. Let's just say that Jessica's experience at Hogwarts is different than any school experience anyone has ever seen.
All seven years in one book.

Kymma4 Kymma4 Aug 17, 2016
Then who's the girl in the picture at the top? Because that looks nothing like Lilly Potter
HEB1104 HEB1104 Jul 20, 2016
It would be cool if she had her moms hair and dads eyes like the exact opposite of Harry
ScarletSears ScarletSears Feb 04, 2016
I I understand that you have to change it for copywriting reasons and I like how she can change her appearance but the original just had so much more personality compared to this.
ridsxo ridsxo Jul 07, 2016
I like the story but I wish Harry has some more powers or better than Jessica at some things cause it's not that fair
New__Username New__Username Jan 29, 2016
I have pitch black hair and green eyes. I could totally pass as Harry potters twin.
sarr119 sarr119 Mar 02, 2016
It'd be really funny if her middle name was Lily and she went by that sometimes because then when she ssaid Snape it'd be funny