Lunar: Uncovering The Past

Lunar: Uncovering The Past

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'Your Name Is Midnight Light'

'My Name Is Not Midnight Light!'

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                              Hmmm... this chapter was fine. The descriptions are fine but I would make them longer a nd describe more their feelings. The names of them are really unique and I praise you for that. Good job with this story, so far so good
sakuryox sakuryox Jul 14
Since this chapter is in present tense (from what I see earlier), it should be Is*
                              Decide* ^^
                              This was very intriguing to read and I must say very mysterious. Your grammar is almost perfect (good ob, editor) and the descriptions are fine (again, I would make them longer) everything else is pretty fine and I like how you ended the cgapter, with a cliffhanger
lunete lunete Jul 07, 2016
*brings out nunchucks*
                              OH HELL NAH WAPING LEAVE MY MIDNIGHT ALONEE
lunete lunete Jul 07, 2016
so do I
                              he's a vampire I guess in the family
                              is the mother human, then?