"I Want Ice Cream!"

"I Want Ice Cream!"

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Candy By Candymlp12 Updated Nov 26

When left alone with his friend Jack, Mark doesn't expect his friend to turn into a toddler. Jack proves to be quite the handful, and it's up to Mark to make sure he doesn't get hurt. Which also proves to be a handful.

This should be good.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. ;P

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Yzma: is that myyyyy voice?!                                                               Yzma: oh well
MyChemicalBrides123 MyChemicalBrides123 Aug 10, 2016
I love how in the sorts of stories Chica is like a concerned mother who looks at Mark like 'wtf you doin' Mark? Crazy ass boi'
idonegoofed idonegoofed Jan 22
Candymlp12 Candymlp12 Sep 25, 2016
@darkiplieranti Ayyyyyee!! Nice pun! You deserve a high five for that one. XP