The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ Naruto fanfic (Neji love story)

The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ Naruto fanfic (Neji love story)

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✨Akane~Matsuri✨ By CookieOtaku101 Completed

"I am a queen, or somewhat considered one.....that, I do not believe..."

Aki Shizuki is a girl born into a non ninja family, but was born with exceptional ninja abilities.

Also known to many as 'The queen of cherry blossoms' Aki is a ninja who has jutsu's never seen before by many ninja.

As a student in the academy she made few friends, many pushed her away for fear of her powers. After being put on a 4 man squad and finding new feelings for a certain Hyuga, life can change for her again.

Follow her on her troubles, revelations, adventures and ninja life. Well, I know I'm shit at descriptions but SUE ME! 


"Royalty? I'd prefer to be called a equal, as you may call it."

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  • gaara
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  • hokage
  • ino
  • kankuro
  • kiba
  • konoha
  • lee
  • naruto
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Caitlynn_NF Caitlynn_NF Mar 27
Third time rereading this, and I thought I'd say I love that you put her to live with someone out of the norm
AkaneTheHero AkaneTheHero Sep 05, 2017
Ring around the roses *skips around Circle of Roses* Pockets full of Posies *Gets match out*
                              Ashes Ashes, *puts the bodies of her parnets in the circle*
                              We all fall *set fire to bodies and roses*
jessicalovesfanfic jessicalovesfanfic Oct 04, 2017
I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want anyone to know that....oh well
avaron_hiroyuki avaron_hiroyuki Jul 27, 2017
of course it's good for two people! have you forgotten ur purple haired anbu girlfriend, hayate?
Dawnmate Dawnmate Oct 23, 2017
Seems to me that sensei is in the wrong anime.. Go back to knb!
- - Dec 27, 2016
tell neji-bae I said hi also I love how the story is so far <3