shadow yandere  x reader

shadow yandere x reader

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❤Shadow-kun❤ By shadowfangirl1234 Completed

Looks like theres a new student in your class room , and i think he's falling for you , but what happends when he gets jealous of your crush silver? would you accept his love or refuse?

Read this book to find out -3-

(oh! and also this book has a bit of silverxreader ,  but its mosty shadow , so dont worry shadow fans -3-)

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star428girl star428girl Dec 16, 2017
I wouldn't mind if Shadow kept staring at me. , he's fine. .. ! Why not. ? * looks at in question * * long , wheezy laugh * LOL.  !
WendyxxMarvell WendyxxMarvell Aug 27, 2017
Yo I'm littering saying in my mind when my friends tell my crush.....RUN
*Talks in a CinemaSins voice*Shadow winking is highly unlikely,considering his personality
star428girl star428girl Dec 16, 2017
I would ' NOT ' mind calling Shadow .. and getting a kiss on the cheek from him. .. He's ' so ' fine.  !
Ghostlywox Ghostlywox Jan 27, 2017
                              I DUN WANT YOUR MONEY!
                              I DONT WANT YA LOVE!
                              I DONT WANT YOUR NUMBER!
                              I DONT LIKE YOUR STYLE!
                              I DONT LOVE.YOU.OOOO
                              I DONT LOVE.YOU.OOOO
                              Shadow: *heartbreak*
JJlolx3 JJlolx3 Jan 30, 2017
Not to be rude or mean I just wanted to say try to emprove your grammar a bit no offense but still continue to make stories!