shadow yandere  x reader

shadow yandere x reader

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~The Shadow Lover~ By shadowfangirl1234 Completed

Looks like theres a new student in your class room , and i think he's falling for you , but what happends wen he gets jealous of your crush silver? would you accept his love or refuse?

Read this book to find out -3-

(oh! and also this book has a bit of silverxreader ,  but its mosty shadow , so dont worry shadow fans -3-)

                              Translation: The language of Fangirls
- - Aug 23
XD i laughed at the spitting water part, then the Call me part.
                              I just imagined Shadow doing the phone thing with his hand- HAHAH MY FOD.
sailorelsa2 sailorelsa2 Jul 10
I've heard of blaze the sol guardian princess, is that who your talking about
NerdyAmy135 NerdyAmy135 5 days ago
Uejndocmwmxpjnfkr thats ligit what my bff say when she ships me
Starrysilvercrab Starrysilvercrab 2 days ago
*you ask yourself why your reading this because shadow is your brother 
                              Cinnamon(oc):why am I even reading this? Shadows my brother and I'm childish and independent so I am really confused on what why I'm reading this!Me:because I made you and I want to see your reaction towards it!
Starrysilvercrab Starrysilvercrab 2 days ago
Me:(Ultimate fangirl)Cinnamon:Dude!thats mah bro!me:yeah well he has a lot of waifus so I'm failing to see your piont of why I shouldn't fangirl!