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ℋℰᎽ ℒℐℒℳᎯℳᎯ By xx_CryBabyTears_xx Updated Feb 01

"You just merely adopted the Darkness, while I was born in it."

"It's truly scary what a simple smile can hide."

"I've always had this fear...that you'd find out that I'm not as great as you once thought or knew I was."

"If I told you my secrets you'd never look at me the same.."

"I was in the darkness for so long, so I became it."

"I'll tell you that monster in the dark always gets to us." 

"The monster who got to me was,"



"I am not dark, nor evil. I just have a sick, twisted friend who comes out to play when I'm provoked,"

"And I'll tell you,"

"They don't play nice."

AlexiaNiculita AlexiaNiculita Jun 09, 2016
This is the best Underswap Papyrus x Reader I have ever read
IWillShootYourCow IWillShootYourCow Oct 02, 2016
Because one day I'll leave you
                              A phantom to lead you in the summer 
                              To join the Black Parade
Candirocks Candirocks Jun 15, 2016
OKAY this is completely unrelated but still
                              I was yawning because I just woke up and as I widened my jaw IT MADE CLICKING NOISES and then I couldn't stop laughing
elysiansky elysiansky Jun 09, 2016
(You see a story.)
                              (You read the story.)
                              (Seeing such a well written story fills you...)
                              (With determination.)
                              (But seeing such a stereotypical comment does not.)
                              (The prologue has me hooked to say the least. :P)
GamerQueen2002 GamerQueen2002 Jun 09, 2016
Me: Did you just touch my palm? 
                              Paps: ... No? 
                              Me: ... Lil' creep. 
                              Paps: ;-; 
                              Thanks! Luv u 2
AshesMint AshesMint Jun 09, 2016
This is amazing!!! Please continue working on this!!!! It's amazing!