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Everyday I see him stops outside my house while on his daily run and looks threw my bedroom window at me.

I see the way he smiles as he watches me but what he doesn't know is I see him back, not only when he's stood outside my house but also everyday in school but he doesn't know it's me.

To him I'm just geeky Selena Gomez where as he's the Jock who everyone wants to be, who everyone loves and who everyone wants to be friends with. Guys want to be him and girl want to be with him and he probably doesn't know any different.

In school he's see's my face and looks the opposite way but threw the window he see's my back and smiles at me.

Little did I know a little experiment might change everything.


XxJayBizzlexX XxJayBizzlexX Oct 07, 2016
If i were her sister i would just shove it in people's faces even if she weren't famous