Blinded By His Words

Blinded By His Words

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Rae By Rmellis Updated Nov 07

Abusive Erwin x Eren  |   Levi x Depressed Eren

When coming home to a drunken fiance Eren sees and feel's the dark side of Erwin. Levi on the other hand moves next door to his old school mate, Erwin and find's him already in a relationship though thier relationship seem's a bit off.

Will Levi find out what's happening behind the door of the Smith's house? Will he help? Will Eren give in to Erwin or fight back? 

Or is he to blind to understand what's going on?
This may have trigger's for some people, read at you own cost! You have been warned
Feed back appreciated
I do not own the character's from 'Attack on Titan' but the story plot.

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Omg please please PLEASE UPDATE ASAP!!
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Wheres all the half joke? Oh.. I guess ill sea some half way through the story
Ehm, Jean? Who is this "Jean" you speak of? Oh, you mean da horse? Excuse me? Have I been riding on a human this entire time? My god