Blinded By His Words

Blinded By His Words

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Rivai By Rmellis Updated Feb 09

Abusive Erwin x Eren  |   Levi x Depressed Eren

|Warning; many mistakes, will be edited in future.|

When coming home to a drunken fiance Eren sees and feel's the dark side of Erwin. Levi on the other hand moves next door to his old school mate, Erwin and find's him already in a relationship though thier relationship seem's a bit off.

Will Levi find out what's happening behind the door of the Smith's house? Will he help? Will Eren give in to Erwin or fight back? 

Or is he to blind to understand what's going on?
This may have trigger's for some people, read at you own cost! You have been warned
Feed back appreciated
I do not own the character's from 'Attack on Titan' but the story plot.

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I appreciate the flashbacks to show how Eren could have gotten involved with such a person. They can be so charming they play the part.
TheMasqueradeGirl TheMasqueradeGirl Jul 21, 2017
EXCUSE ME???? *gets into the story and slap the hell outta erwin* DAMN RIGHT I JUST BITCH SLAP YOU
sadnibba sadnibba Sep 07, 2017
BITCH THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA GET AWAY WITH THIS SHÍT! *locates address after intense research* 
                              *loads gun* ERWIN IM COMING FOR YOU AND YOUR  BITCHASS COLOSSAL EYEBROWS
No my bby he is not... Im going to cry ;-; my bby is hurt  ;-;
IHaveNoLifeOrSoul IHaveNoLifeOrSoul Jun 06, 2017
I'm going to find you Erwin and torture you until you go back to hell where you came from
Oh yes, Sheldon's sarcasm will make you forget about all of your sorrows.