Columbine: Orphaned On 4/20 {Book 1}

Columbine: Orphaned On 4/20 {Book 1}

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It is April 20th, 2015. 

Caitlyn Henderson is a previously orphaned girl who was adopted by a loving couple, Teresa and Daniel, in December of 1999 when she was an infant. Teresa is afraid for the girl, as she was only orphaned by her father at the age of six months. She fears that oblivious babies will grow up to be oblivious teenagers, and then adults. Caitlyn's teenage birthmother supposedly vanished while Caitlyn was very young, and her birth father died six months later. 

Sarah Kramer is a sophomore who lives with her uncle Byron and her aunt Kristen. She was informed as a young child of the deaths of her parents, who were supposedly teenagers when they had her. Sarah was orphaned as a nine month old infant and left in the custody of her aunt and uncle. She was told that her parents loved her more than the world itself.

However, what has gotten Teresa, Daniel, Byron, and Kristen more and more worried as time goes on is the popular saying among adults to their children.

"You're going to be just like your father."

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Wait, I'm confused. If Byron was her uncle then obviously it's not that hard to figure out Dylan was her dad