Mark of the Empress | Empire Saga Book Two

Mark of the Empress | Empire Saga Book Two

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"One thing is certain: Nothing can hold back the night..."

The predestined life Alex finally accepted as her own was suddenly ripped from her as fast as it was given.  Betrayed by those closest to her, she must figure out a way to get it all back, not only for herself as the rightful Empress, but to secure the safety of her own family.  

Blinded by vengeance with hate running thick within her veins, the Empress must consider the ramifications of their return, for better or for worse.  But when an unexpected visitor offers help assist with their attempts, Alex and Treyan need to determine how best to reclaim their Empire without more lives lost before whatever time they have left runs out.

Book Two of the Empire Saga
Highest Ranking:  #17 in Fantasy (01.31.17)

Cover by @lokiofasgard_ 

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NaNoWriMo, 2015
Initial Draft Completed 01.30.16
Published to Wattpad 06.19.16

The language of the Empireborn was generated by ChaoticShiny (melodic2)
Still looking for my own personal linguist if anyone is interested!

Well, i'm reading this on january 21, 2017. and i'm about to turn 13 next month. I don't want to wait for me to turn 13 'cause I love the story. So anyways... i'm reading it and no one can stop me. Haha😂