The Disappearance of Osomatsu-san

The Disappearance of Osomatsu-san

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It would have been normal if Choromatsu's alarm clock, which was set to ring every five minutes, didn't blast his eardrums so early in the morning and awoke him from his slumber.

And all it took for Osomatsu to realize something was definitely wrong was to simply glance at the alarm clock Choromatsu brought with his own saved money for all the brothers to make use of it. That small, silver alarm clock that had been decorated with scratch marks from Ichimatsu's cats, Jyushimatsu's and Todomatsu's colorful stickers, and Karamatsu's leftover glitter from the obnoxious articles of clothing he's worn, was all it took for Osomatsu to drop the photo album and look around the room in horror and realization.

The alarm clock, that small silver piece of technology, was clean and unscratched as it was sitting next to the futon meant only for one person.

Will update on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays due to school. If there are so many mistakes, I do apologize. Please read the Ao3 version if that happens to be the case. The cover was drawn by skipzophreniic on tumblr.

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you are an awesome writer, you show such description and you dont use dead words! my english teacher would love this!
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You know this story is too good I'm reading this again
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I no nothing about Osomatsu- San, well, except that its an anime, but my friend keeps begging me to read it.
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My mind was telling me not to read this because it has over 100 chapters.
                              Screw it I'm binge reading all night
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                              THIS IS GREAT