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Chasing My Mate

Chasing My Mate

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Z By PaleButterfly Updated Aug 26, 2015

Alpha Marcus Anderson is one of the strongest, wealthiest and powerful Alphas in Europe, but there is one thing that he is missing, one person that would make him stronger -his mate. Arabella Laine on the other hand is a rogue wolf who has been through too much pain and sorrow, but she has one hope, one person that could perhaps fix her -her mate.  A mate is your other have, somebody to love, to cherish, to grow old with, but that isn't the situation with Marcus and Arabella.

- - Oct 29, 2016
I think your missing something your not a vampire that will find a human with special blood that will make you stronger your a werewolf about to fall head over heels in love and that will make you fight harder for her... How did you manage to make it sound so selfish?!?!
whatwhatwhales whatwhatwhales Dec 15, 2014
champagne** common error, but I thought I would point it out. sorry for any offense
jubette333 jubette333 Sep 10, 2014
The bítch is going to be one, which will bring trouble, she'll maybe get kidnapped, they'll mate, have rare alien babies and HUZZAH next thing you know it will say: The End.
illamatio illamatio Jul 21, 2014
Honey, I don't remember what I had for breakfast. That is the least of your problems
CheerDiva_17 CheerDiva_17 Jul 18, 2014
I still dont understand the difference, lol . Maybe I'm just slow. 
thayla128 thayla128 Aug 16, 2013
Nice, I like the way it\'s set in Europe rather than America like most werewolf stories are