Le Petit Chat Noir Et Coccinelle [ML]

Le Petit Chat Noir Et Coccinelle [ML]

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sταcεγ 🌵 παrcιε By MIRACULOUSNESS Updated May 22


Adrien's got a fever!

But of course, being a superhero with cat powers comes with complications. Plagg warns him against going out while he's still sick, but of course he puts Paris over himself.

So what happens when Ladybug is looking for her partner in crime? She can't find him! But she does find, a little black cat...

But that becomes the least of her worries.

You wanna fight me for him? *grabs Aaron's sword* Come on! FIGHT MEH, BRUH!
He's like a brother from another mother for me! I'm worried that he might get trampled by the amount of pesky fangirls he has 😑
SundeeFaith SundeeFaith Jun 24
We all have to fight 🐞 ladybug! SHE TOOK Him FIRST! *Holds a gun, a knife and a bomb* *charge straight at ladybug*
I love him but I ship him with Mari more... So I give him to Marinette!
As long as no one takes my tomato child away from me were cool 
                              NATHANIEL IS MINE
ForeverWillow ForeverWillow Nov 16, 2016
Nobody can take him if they can't find him... *Shoves a squirming body bag in the trunk.*