RiddleBook • Test Your Intelligence •

RiddleBook • Test Your Intelligence •

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♥ ᴇᴍɪʟɪᴀ ɢʀᴇʏ ♥ By magnamelia Updated Oct 05, 2016

You think you have the wits? The brains? And the common sense for these riddles?

Have fun reading this book full of cheezy and wise Riddles for you, your friends and your family!

I'll update many new riddles (with answers!) Each week :)


[These Riddles are not made by me but is only taken from other sources.
This book is for entertainment purposes only.]

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dioscuri01 dioscuri01 Mar 22, 2017
You know, I was gonna say Dolores Jane Umbridge, cause she was so short in the movie, but the other answers sound more legit..
AlexGirl12345 AlexGirl12345 Mar 17, 2017
No not really. That's what school is for and I've already had my dose of it
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Jun 04, 2017
Usually I only know because the only riddles I can find are either super obvious or I've heard them a million times
Megalovnia Megalovnia Jul 30, 2017
Dolorous unbridge
                              Dedicated to dioscuri01 for originally putting that
LoraChase LoraChase Jul 05, 2017
What if my conscience says cheat? No I would never cheat I'm not that person.
LoraChase LoraChase Jul 05, 2017
The bridge of your nose. That's so simple to start out with.