The Girl He Never Loved #wattys2016 (Slow Updates)

The Girl He Never Loved #wattys2016 (Slow Updates)

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Shaikhnagma By Rainbowblooms7 Updated 4 days ago

"He needs me. In this crucial part of his life. Please let me go adhiraj..." I said with tears down on my blood shot red eyes. 

    "No you're not going anywhere. Now you know the pain.." He smirked at me. 

    "Please adhiraj I'm begging you.." I literally begged in front of him to letting me go but he didn't budge to see my tears. 

   "Hmm. Let's see.." He said pacing in living room. 

   "Ok. I let go off you in one conditions.."before he could say anything I cut of him by saying. "I will accept your every conditions whatever it will be.." 

 "Mark your words women.." He smirked. 

   "Here sign these papers.." He said giving me some papers and seated on the couch. 

  "What is it? " I asked him with confusing look. I started reading the papers but the words appearing blur. I blinked my eyes to clear my vision. The first word I read was DIVORCE. I was shocked very shocked. How can he do this. My heart was aching and the pain was unbearable. My legs were shivering and I fall on the floor. 
    " just sign the divorce papers. And leave my house. And never show your face.." He snapped at me and leave the room. 

 She love him. And she was with him whenever he needs her. But he only wants his revenge. And when he realize he loved her. It was very late. There will be a revenge,  there will love story, but there will be some twist along with the secrets.

WOW.... totally amazing, it was totally edgy...
                              i really liked  the start...
Nice prologue..
                              But who the hell does that guy think he is ..
                              I hate him already..😣😤
WriterKV WriterKV Oct 21
This was a good prologue, it gives us insight a little bit and will keep the reader wanting to read more. A few grammar issues which can be easily fixed.
marwa383 marwa383 11 hours ago
Great job done with the prologue. All the emotions you wanted to convey was conveyed well. May be there are some grammer mistakes but well written.👍
The way this story starts made a shiver ran down my spine. In the very first chapter there is the word divorce. And if he is her husband then to whom did she want to go to? I just can't wait  to read the next chapter
Aadhya5 Aadhya5 Sep 22
Amazing prologue
                              Quite interesting
                              Waiting for the first part
                              Update soon