Don't Tell (On Hold)

Don't Tell (On Hold)

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me By imboredandstuff Updated Mar 03, 2017

Mark and Sean like each other. Ryan and Felix like each other. 

Ryan told Sean he's been feeling wierd around Felix and Sean told Ryan he likes Mark. What happens when Ryan trys to force Sean to tell Mark the truth? And Ryan finds out this feeling is love?

Felix told Mark he likes Ryan. Mark told Felix he likes Sean. What happens when they try to force each other to tell there crushes the truth?

  • cry
  • félix
  • jacksepticeye
  • markiplier
  • pewdiecry
  • pewdipie
  • ryan
  • sean
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kirbpkmlover kirbpkmlover Nov 16, 2016
Mark and Seans hands touched for a brief second, both of them blushed but hid it from everyone, Mark with his hand and Sean with his sweatshirt. But Cry caught them blushing
GlitchGraffiti GlitchGraffiti Nov 16, 2016
                              *can hardly contain herself and explodes from fangirlism*
kirbpkmlover kirbpkmlover Nov 16, 2016
Sean pulls Mark in for a kiss, after being shoked about it Mark leans in to the kiss. After they seperate they realise that Cry and Felix were staring at them, trying not to make a sound
kirbpkmlover kirbpkmlover Nov 16, 2016
It's ok tough i also have mis pornounsed most of those word whe i was younger