Lion Hearted

Lion Hearted

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As the mourning bells ring,
The kingdom's flags lower.
Seven chimes sing,
To bring down the composer
The first for a reader,
A stranger from the oaks.
The second for a prince,
Wrapped in a crimson cloak.
The third for a thief,
Hands sly and finger missing.
The fourth for the mage,
Magic unveiled and hissing.
Silent is the fifth,
Hidden in shadows and cold.
Boom goes the sixth,
Morals fuelled by gold.
Seventh be loud and bright,
Return from dark to light.
Eighth be for composer,
His end nearing closer. 
From bloody throne he sits,
His life soon departed.
Seven lions roar,
Brave and lion-hearted.

    © Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. All content is the property of Laura Edwards.

--  Absolutely gorgeous cover by @aciddaisies_ --

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KianaReadsBooks KianaReadsBooks Nov 02, 2016
Ok I'm on the hype train and ready to go. This looks awesome!
ForTheRebellion ForTheRebellion Oct 27, 2016
This looks amazing I'm so excited to read this!!! I hope I don't have to wait TOO long... :)
RandomAlex99 RandomAlex99 Oct 15, 2016
Omg.. its a its a total "isekai" plot! Sounds like something i have read, but with different MC. Cant wait to read it.. :) 
danielle_specter danielle_specter Oct 15, 2016
Oh wow. I. Cannot. Wait. For. This. Book. I'm super hyped for you to write this. I love the cover, courtesy of @-verdant- and then you made the trailer and it was... Is so beautiful.
walking_by_animals_ walking_by_animals_ Nov 07, 2016
Dang how did you make this amazing trailer? I think you took it off some movies I saw lord of the rings and wwoord of warcraft I think its called
- - Oct 15, 2016
The trailer is absolutely amazing. It's beautiful and has wonderful editing, both you and @-verdant- have done a divine job.