It's time to come back (Gravity falls x Reader x Reverse falls)

It's time to come back (Gravity falls x Reader x Reverse falls)

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Planetonic By Dark_Illuminati Updated Jun 29

It's time to come back... 

To the Mindscape that is!!

Welcome to the sequel of "Welcome to the Mindscape"

After two years of not being able to see your friends from Gravity falls, you decide to run off and back to your real home, to find your friends still waiting.

Practice your powers, make new enemies and friends... Oh! And create an entirely new dimension where you could bend the laws of physics at your own will without damaging the original dimension!

Sounds like fun! Right?

(Btw, the cover is supposed to be a picture you tried taking of the three but they wouldn't stay still, and the writing is when you just arrived back in the town.)

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me: WHAT I HAVE SCHOOL TODAY??? mom: YES STOP READING WATTPAD BOOKS me: ;-; my life is ruined.. friend: what happened???? Me: life...
It wont be too long, right? If it is, then...
                              I'm daydreaming about Gothy senpai! 😍😍😂😂
If my mom was like this.
                              My mom would go "Let me see." Or "I'm packing your things. Not you" 
                              Whenever she packs my things, it always ends up in one medium sized bag and if I pack my stuff it would all go in 2 bags.
Why would I go to Gravity Falls without letting my mother know? 
                              I'm running away! No more short skirts and anooying alarm clocks! Yay!
*jumps to Tartarus* he... He forgot..... *cries*  
                              Nyx: *sighs*
me: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY friend: WHAT HAPPEND??? Me: WILL FORGOT MEEEE!!! friend: wut? Who's will? Me: *gives death glare*