Save Me ❁ Muke A. U

Save Me ❁ Muke A. U

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"Have you seen him?"

"Seen who?"

"Your new neighbor."

"No, but I hear him crying at night."

To his surprise, Luke gets new neighbors--  a seemingly odd couple with a beautiful baby girl and a constant crying coming from behind their apartment door.

When the new boy down the hall moves in, Luke didn't think he'd spend so much time thinking about it. Luke had never thought he'd be kept awake all night listening to the new neighbor cry or soft sniffles. And, he never imagined he'd want to figure out why his neighbor cries so much.


Or, in which, Michael moves into Luke's apartment building with his ten-month-old daughter and abusive boyfriend.


*This is a re-post of my original story. Formally flawlessniake. This story contains triggering subjects, such as abuse, rape, and depression. It also contains mpreg-male pregnancy. If you feel like you could be triggered in any way by those topics, please do not read or read at your own risk. 

Comments, concerns, questions, feel free to contact me.*

Jace from Shadowhunters or Dominic Sherwood has one full blue eye and the other one is half brown and half blue
My siste has herechromia in her skin and my cousin in her eyes too
-daddylrh -daddylrh Aug 20, 2016
I wish it was a boy baby because it seems like in all fanfictions, they always have twin girls or just a baby girl, but oh well.
Blondhes Blondhes Oct 12, 2016
That series is the best Muke books I have ever read. I mean it. You're such an amazing author and now it's my goal to read all of your books
Violetkkp12 Violetkkp12 Feb 16
I'm crying I love this book so much I just found it again and re-read for the million time ;-;
iCheeseYou iCheeseYou Jan 12
This was the very first story I read by you, so I'm excited to read this all over again.