Vampire blood (Bloody dreams) ON HOLD

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This is the story of a human girl who was meant to change his cold and bloody world. Is she going to succed in changing a petriefied world, unchanged for thousands of years? To find out the answer, you will have to follow the line of the story full of action, love, passion and blood.
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ok its a little weird  and a little super mega awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg i am i love with this book!! i hope u will update it soon!!
I was looking at all the stories in my library when I came across this.  I remember it being one of the first well written stories here and I'm sure rereading it will be as memorable as before. :)
i really like it so far :)
                                    i cant wait to read the next parts :)
amazing song love it five thumbs up :) read my sample if you like.
what a nice story i luv vamps:F, wats anyone wanna to talk about??? Going to add the too...liburay:)