One Pup

One Pup

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Too much inspiration By Shifting2wolf Updated Nov 04


It was a sensation I was very accustomed to. Only I was plucked out of a den and stuck in a cage. I had to survive on my own, live on my own and push to struggles without any support.

A series of strange events made me wonder if I truly was alone in the crowd. What if there is someone out there that actually wants me? Needs me?

I wouldn't know.

All I knew was that my life changed after I found myself face to face with a possible family. It was strange to know that he too was alone whilst standing in the crowd. He alone could reach to me as I could reach to him.

He was just one boy. I was just one pup.

Together, we were one pack

The Sequel of One Omega, following the unknown brother of Zayne.

The strength of the wolf is the pack. And the strength of the pack is the wolf.
Kasilo Kasilo Jun 19
Wow this has got me do excited, I can't wait for chapter one :)
Hadesworld Hadesworld Jun 21
That's horrible, shock collars should be illegal if they do that to any pet! Burn in hell whoever created the damned shock collar!
I saw this when I was reading your story Say Something and I got so excited! But now I'm going to have to force myself not to read until One Omega is over. I hope this brother is happier or doesn't meet his own Anton!
This is why I HATE shock collars!!!! 😣😣😠😠😡😡😠😠😡😡😣😣
dogs don't get hurt like that unless the owner is purposely abusing them