Into the shadows: Diabolik Lovers x Reader

Into the shadows: Diabolik Lovers x Reader

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ᏩᎪY ᏴᎪᏴY ᏌNᎾ~! By The-Literal-Mess Updated Dec 02, 2016

"Ayato, are there any more of you guys?" I asked. Ayato chuckled in response. "Yes," 

(Y/N). She was abused at home. She had no freedom. Her life was a bottomless pit of never ending pain. Her father abused her. Beat her. He almost killed her.

She sat on her bed. She didn't cry. She didn't do anything. She just kept a straight face, hoping he would go away.

And when he finally did, she made her move. She ran away to attempt suicide. He caught her in the midst of her act.

Her father brought her to the city. She was upset, and almost going insane. Taking her one opportunity, she did what she had always wanted.

Running faster then she had ever run, she had found a dark ally in the city. She took shelter there when she saw a mysterious figure, harming a woman. 

The figure spotted her. She stayed quiet but they approached her anyways. Her dull eyes met piercing green orbs, and after staring, she blacked out.

Read more to find out what happened...

D-deney D-deney Jun 28, 2016
Maybe we have been twins seens always and we didn't know........