St. Sam and the Gender Machines

St. Sam and the Gender Machines

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Anthony Bonato By abonato Completed

The Gender Machines are here. They are injectable nanorobots that can change your sex overnight. Sam uses the Gender Machines on herself, with the intent of making them publicly available to the transgender. The results of her physical change bring complications for those closest to her, society, and her own identity. And the Gender Machines may have unintended consequences for those who use them.

As always, thanks to my husband Doug for his constant support of all my creative endeavors. Thanks to those gave me critique and editorial support.  A special thank you to Dr. Art Blake, whose feedback as a member of the transgender community greatly enriched the story.

I dedicate this short story to all transgender people. Your bravery is an inspiration.

Elise291 Elise291 Aug 26
I would love to read this as a novel! I hope you do make it longer. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything, I just love it!
is memory loss a side effect of using the machine? it would explain why sam and liu forgot sam's name. either way this was a very good and well written story, i'll be sure to check out more of your stories/books in the future
danikriss danikriss Apr 22
There are kids at my school who would give anything for this machine to exist.
How did she forget her name? It was spoken of many times, only for her to forget it.
Your grammar doesn't really make sense with the transgender if it was me I would add community
XxWanderess XxWanderess Jul 11
Ok wow that was incredible!! I wanna ask something though, does the treatment change not just the sex but the gender identity too? Because I was surprised when I saw you using he/him pronouns when they transferred. And I add my vote to the people asking for a sequels opinions.