The Imperfect Soulmate || Travlyn AU

The Imperfect Soulmate || Travlyn AU

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lunie .3. By AlunaVsWorld Updated May 08, 2017

"You really are imperfect for me, Travis Valkrum."

 On the year you turn 20, you are given a marking on your wrist. 

  And the day that you get it on?

  August 18th.

   Your soulmate gets the same exact one, at the same exact time.

   Katelyn Firefist got her marking; but will never look at it.

  Never again. Not after how bad she was hurt.

   But what if she did?

   And what if when she looked at it, it was the same one as Travis Enki's?

  After she swore she'd never fall in love again, she catches herself falling for him.

  Even with his perverted ways, and how she frequently punches him.

    How will she ever get along with him?

   After all, he is the imperfect soulmate.


    [[Characters belong to Aphmau]]
    [[Mild Language Warning]]
    [[Cover done by Mady @_Malio_]]