The Zachary Donovan Enigma - (( Watty Awards! ))

The Zachary Donovan Enigma - (( Watty Awards! ))

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Helena (Hell-lee-nah) By 007beanie Completed

The Zachary Donovan Enigma; may seem like your typical cliche, but all is not what it seems....

The story, in a nutshell:

Zach and Cassie used to be good friends.
But now Zach hates Cassie.
And no one really understands why.
Zachary Donovan has a secret.
The fact he hates Cassie, is no secret.
His secret is bigger than you think.
And you wouldn’t have believed it if he told you.
Cassie doesn’t know it yet, 
but the secret involves her.

### A vampire and werewolf FREE story.
### Read the first chapter/intro for more.

Miss_Dork15 Miss_Dork15 Apr 27, 2015
I'm clumsy but not THAT clumsy. I mean how do tou hit your face with your own elbow?! It shouldn't be possible!
annabelle137 annabelle137 Nov 07, 2014
Can you hit yourself in the face with your own elbow? That's impressive. I can't even lick my own elbow
007beanie 007beanie Jun 30, 2011
@LouisseG I'm glad it makes a little more sense. lol =P
                              Thanks for reading =)
elsaint elsaint Jun 30, 2011
I've got to read this! I swear I will when I have the time. Now I understand the narration back in the trailer. haha!
007beanie 007beanie Jun 29, 2011
@techniicolor haha cool thanks for the compliment, glad you like it =)
                              whenever you have time thats cool. I know all too well what its like to be busy =/
techniicolor techniicolor Jun 29, 2011
I love this so far. I just love how you write in first person. I can just feel so much personality from the main character it's ridiculous. I can't read on right now, but I'm fanning and I will be back!