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Hit Me Hard || MARKLE

Hit Me Hard || MARKLE

12.8K Reads 550 Votes 12 Part Story
maya By weasleyshart Completed

"Oh my God, you like him!"
"No! No I-I don't! I don't like Farkle Minkus, no friggin' way!" 
Farkle Minkus may have fallen for the most popular girl in John Adams High School; Maya Penelope Hart. Who may also happen to be his best friend. And be dating Lucas Friar, his other best friend. 
And Maya may not know it yet, but Farkle Minkus could very well be her destiny. 
What have I gotten myself into by liking Maya Penelope Hart?

-8# in Markle fanfiction-

I LOVE TOPANAGA'S! Better than Topanga's! (Not trying to be rude or anything tho)