Yes, Mr. Hale

Yes, Mr. Hale

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Hayden By rise_and_fall Completed

Where Stiles gets sent to a boot camp for being too sexually active. But, it has it's perks... Well, perk. Derek Hale is working there.

Pairing: Stiles/Derek

Extra ships: 

Boyd/ Erica

* Strong sexual scenes *

Special thanks for the cover to @bringmethebandships

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Wait that means you had nine lovers in 4 days? Damn stiles you be getting it on
The reason I like this already is because there won't be any of those "I like you but I'm too scared to say anything" type shiits. I hate that shiit. Like JUST FUK HIM ALREADY
MalecSterek MalecSterek Oct 02
Damn. No introduction no nothing. Just straight to the point. No beating around the bush. 😂😂😂 just boom.
Doesn't everyone have anxiety at one point in their lives tho?
um_hi_2 um_hi_2 Mar 20
I was gonna say I choked on a dïck but then I remembered I don't have a gag reflex 😂
If this was a movie:
                              -freeze frame- Wha you're thinking is wrong, I'm not some big whore i'm Stiles. I'm the fücking virgin