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His Moon

His Moon

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Margaret By monochromemonotone Updated Jan 05

|| In his eyes, she glowed. Her pale skin was like a canvas, just waiting for him to paint it with his dark colors. She was his moon and his hope. || 

{ He kissed her tears as he always had and always would. }

 Kaia's life is a prison. Ever since her mom was murdered, her dad hardly ever lets her out of the house, even going so far as to homeschool her. Not to mention how he keeps secrets from her; according to him, it's too dangerous for Kaia to leave the house, but strangely it isn't for her brother, Cole. 

 But, why? Because, though Kaia doesn't know it, the woods are full of werewolves, and Kaia's scent is particularly mouth watering. The second she steps too far into the woods, they can smell her...And only one Alpha can protect her from the wolves that want to taste her blood. 

 Only, her Alpha wants to taste her in another way...

The secret world of the lycanthrope is Kaia's destiny, and who better to meet it with than her mate? Especially when his heart is just as dark as hers, if not more so. 

{A different take on the werewolf genre; if you're looking for something new about our beloved wolves, you've found it. Look inside for more details. Love ya if you hit read!}

[Highest: #7 in Werewolf ~ 9.24.16]

What? So the alpha will actually be a real person this time?? Can't believe it
unasnow unasnow Apr 14
Ok we got it👍 we are all in this together 😎 am I right my fellow reader's 🙋 now let's​ start this mission✌
alexm04 alexm04 Feb 27
When your mom says your going to the bookstore (I've done this running to the car and into the store many times)
Dude Wattpad has freakin brainwashed me. I read a book with two black people and I was like: Why are there black people here???? I then noticed I was being racist. Thanks a lot Wattpad!👍🏼
sierratoo43 sierratoo43 Mar 08
I think it would of been pretty if she gave her silver hair....just a suggestion, not saying that anything is wrong with how the character is already
When I say human I mean, like not that she's not a werewolf but that she's not perfect, lol 😂