Don't get too Close... (Sebastian Michaelis X Reader)

Don't get too Close... (Sebastian Michaelis X Reader)

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(Sebastian Michaelis X Reader)
[Black Butler]

{"Can't you see it?" He says, in a tone dripping with pain.}
{" you," he coughs out, "and it's killing me."}

 You are an 18 year old girl, whom as of now has no home, no money, and no hope.

All you can do now?

Is run...

But as your story unfolds, you stumble across a peculiar building, which's contents will change your life forever.

You battle your past, potentially jealous threats, and a shocking discovery that could mean life and death for the one you love...

But don't get too close...

It's dark inside...

It's where a demon hides...

(Disclaimer- The anime on which this fanfic is based on, Black Butler, belongs entirely to Yana Toboso)

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