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Since I Met You (Dan Howell X Reader)

Since I Met You (Dan Howell X Reader)

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Bibblesmom By Bibblesmom Completed

(Y/n) is a Senior in high school. Her years have gone by great with her best friend Phil Lester by her side, and her little sister Lizzie. However, her mother soon leaves and she is left to take care of her sister. If her life isn't enough struggle, a new boy attends her school. What will be her reaction, and will she start to develop feelings for him?

(Takes place during high school. Pretend Dan is now a senior in high school. FYI: this book really has no plot and I plan on ending it after chapter 20ish...) (I wrote this story a long time ago, so it might be trashy... But, I hope you enjoy?)

Eliana3376 Eliana3376 Apr 20
I've done this. I saw my friends Max and Finn and I ran over to them and just fell flat on my face
I was reading this while on my way to science class and I fell flat on my face when it happened in the Story,
I don't know why but I keep hearing phils voice in a john Lennon accent!!!
Yea, I'm great at L.A. *looks at report card* *sees F* ... yep just the best at it
akemikenjii akemikenjii Feb 24
(not trying to be greedy but) ONLY $100?? I could go through that in like a DAY
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