Marcel Imagines

Marcel Imagines

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Kaylyn By KaylynKaren18 Updated Aug 10, 2016

Take a read through! Each part is a new story! If you have any requests or even ideas feel free to ask. Please message instead of commenting because I will not be looking for comments as I get way too many! And I'll dedicate it to you!:) 


1) Marcel Imagine- 5 pages
2) y/n Popular and Marcel- 3 pages
3) The Proposal (y/n & Marcel)- 10 pages
4) Y/n Nerdy & Marcel- 4 pages
5) Marcel Finally Admits To Liking You- 1 page
6) The Haunted House- 3 pages
7) Y/n Saves Marcel From Being Bullied- 2 pages
8) Cuddly Marcel- 2 Pages
9) Baking With Marcel- 2 Pages
10) You and Marcel Have A Fight- 3 Pages
11) Marcel The Runaway- 6 Pages
12) The Wedding Day- 2 pages
13) Open Up To Me {Part One of Three}- 3 pages
14) Open Up To Me {Part Two of Three} -2 Pages
15) Open Up To Me {Part Three of Three}- 2 pages

What's sad is that my supposed to be "best friend" said the same thing to me.  I was about to slap her so hard she would fly into 2020
lollieb545 lollieb545 Jun 30
Leeeeerrrrroooooyyyyyy. The pink headband, those were the days.
I need to stop being such a stupid bītch who cares about what people think of me, cause that's the total opposite of who I am
Nayy209 Nayy209 Nov 18, 2016
Omg id rather have 0 friends than have 1000 fake friends if they are not gonna support you in what makes you happy they aint your friends
multimaximoff multimaximoff Apr 29, 2016
No joke I sing that in my head about 5 times a day just to make sure I know the whole little jingle
SylviaLynnette SylviaLynnette May 03, 2016
He's probably thinking, "finally got a date with this "cute as a button" girl, let's set the mood for NETFLIX AND CHILL!!"