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The Billionaire's Baby

The Billionaire's Baby

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✨TheWriter✨ By WorldWriter_1 Completed




I took a step back. What the heck!? What the hell is he doing here? "Grace?" He questioned. 

I looked at him shocked. He remembers my name. "I am kind of surprised you remember my name." I voiced my thought. "Now if you'll excuse me."

I walked around him, well I tried but he caught me. He looked at Carson. I knew what he was thinking. Gosh, please no. I didn't expect this to happen. I wasn't prepared for this. Actually, I never wanted him to find out. I am afraid he'll take Carson away from me. 

I snapped back when I felt Carson holding onto me tight. I have to stay strong  for him. I snatched my hand back and took two steps back. "What do you want?" I asked him, annoyed.

He took a step forward. "I want answers, Grace."He looked at me and then my baby. His eyes were emotionless. "Is he mine?" He asked unfazed.

BurbanBae BurbanBae Apr 03
The story description says Carson now I'm seeing a lot of Mason
KillaMia KillaMia 3 days ago
This is why no alcohol before financially ready 
                              My motto: Don't do anything stupid before financially ready.
KillaMia KillaMia 3 days ago
I would too 🙆 After all I didn't give birth to him just not to brag and be humble. For example no no no he is not handsome, he is ugly is humble. I would be like DAMN RIGHT HE IS!
Aye tbh I didn't even know what field of work my parents worked up until last year
Exciting. I love how she didnt let this stop her. Miss Entrepreneur
shippo17 shippo17 Jan 23
See this is where it all goes wrong, women assume that if the man didn't want them, then it obviously means that he does not want the child.😒