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It Was A Mistake....Right? (BXB)(Twincest)

It Was A Mistake....Right? (BXB)(Twincest)

11.9K Reads 353 Votes 21 Part Story
Senpai Fighter By Musiciette Updated Feb 19

*Warning Twincest* Liam and Logan were your average pair of twins. They did everything together, hung out together, one was gay and one was not. But something lied underneath the term 'gay'. Then one late night happened, that turned Liam's world upside down. Secrets will be told, trust will be broken, jealously and romance will bloom. Will Liam and Logan ever understand each other? Or will new problems stop them?

Author here. Well let's just say I failed at this description. I'm horrible at them unless for some magical reason, I'm really good. Anyways yeah. Don't judge it from the description. Also don't pay any attention to the user on the bottom. That was my old one. My new one is Musiciette. That's all.

beatrizkaye18 beatrizkaye18 Dec 05, 2016
I recently finished that story. It was very good. I might read it again soon.