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Only Time Can Tell

Only Time Can Tell

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Akine Himekawa By LeoIsMine Updated Nov 12, 2016

"I didn't get to have my dad." Sarada said angrily. "My dad missed out on all of my childhood. Your dad is there, and every attempt he makes to be with just ignore him!" 
	"Your dad left because he didn't have a choice! He-" 
	"No, he did! He had the choice to leave. He knew that there was a mission, but it didn't have to be him to take it. But he chose not to, he left me and my mother alone. Now that he's home, I welcome him back into my life, but you? You're dad is trying, just like mine, but you choose to leave him dangling. Do you want a father at all?!"
	I threw another stick into the fire. The small embers float into the sky to join the now bright stars. When you squint, you can hardly tell the difference between the sparks and the stars themselves. 
	"I'm 14, and yet I still...I still act like a child." 
	"You could say that again."

"It should be right here." Neji muttered as he dug through the books. If we had this scroll, we could finally go home. My dad would be back to normal, my mom would finally wake up, we could all go back to the way things were. 
	But then, I heard something that stole the breath from my lungs. A scraping noise that scratched against the cold stone. I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise, and I froze right where I stood, unable to breathe. Whoever was there, they were right behind me. 
	"Well..." I heard someone say,  their voice like dripping ice. The scraping drawing nearer and nearer. "It took you long enough." 

Boruto, Sarada, Inojin, and Shikadai stumble upon a mysterious scroll which throws them into an unfamiliar timeline. When their concerned parents use the scroll to join their children in the past, they experience unexpected symptoms. All of the original generation have begun to re-experience all of their past wounds, taking their tolls all at once. Now with a deadline, the new generation of shinobi, have to find a solution to the current crisis before the future becomes permanently changed.

ArashiyamaBaby ArashiyamaBaby 5 days ago
sorry Hun, but I don't like when y'all do's not really authentic
MangaMad23 MangaMad23 Feb 05
Yep. Naruto is always in the heat of the moment. Everywhere even in fillers that has a spotlight taken from him. 😃
naruhina_shipper_12 naruhina_shipper_12 Nov 30, 2016
...yes that's what I do......I'm a hobo........that's not funny
...what? Shouldn't it only be four heads at this time? A little bite AFTER the entire chunin exam...disaster is when the fifth head came
Yes,is so much normal,everyone have a fox with nine tails inside and a love with ramén (a sickness love)
Boruto you're so smarth..............Just no,this is oblivious a bad idea