Honey, I'm King(Moriarty X Reader Fanfic)

Honey, I'm King(Moriarty X Reader Fanfic)

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Jim Moriarty..Hiiii! By Ayriesti Updated Nov 24

His eyes, filled with emptiness and insanity as they stared at you. A wide smirk along those cold lips while he leaned in towards your ear, terrified of what you might hear. He chuckled darkly "Honey, I'm King."
Living in London didn't seem that bad, but having to live under Sherlock Holmes, a high functioning sociopath and John Watson, a hungry for a case ex soldier is hell of a ride.

But what's going to happen when one rainy night you meet a very special man? Him being highly attractive and his Irish accent of course pulled you with him, but what happens when you find out he is probably the most dangerous man in the world?

Your life deals with twist and turns, but how are you going to deal with a sociopath who gets his high on cases and some drugs here and there, a murderous ex soldier, and a very attractive psychopath?

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Wow, this is like really well written. Lots of detail! Its amazing!
This chapter was freakin amazing! ❤️ You are a great author!
MagpieYay MagpieYay Nov 26
I didn't even tell him what street...yep he definitely did some weird research 😂
koonaNisMyDog koonaNisMyDog Aug 06, 2016
I don't know y, but when I read a book with me/us/readers (whatever u know what I mean) I always say Jenni in my head, although that's not my name.
koonaNisMyDog koonaNisMyDog Aug 06, 2016
I enjoyed it! And it wasn't too short it was about a normal reading length for me
koonaNisMyDog koonaNisMyDog Aug 12, 2016
It's alright I don't mind! I'm getting ready for the new school year too... Ugh... Always boring...