How To Love Tarzan

How To Love Tarzan

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Cry baby By xArcticBabysx Updated Nov 23


"Um dude if you don't mind ... getting your hands off me, I would appreciate it."


"No?! What do you mean no? I don't know who you are but unless you don't want to lose your balls, I would take a few steps back." I asked trying to push him away but he won't budge. 

"Must not leave Tarzan" he roared.
Stopping in my tracks, did he just say Tarzan?

Summer like your ordinary girl, fan girls over bands, TV shows, stuffs her face with food I mean who doesn't love food, watches Netflix, expecially nuttela. But what the heck do you do when you father drags you to the jungle?

Going to the jungle was pure torture. No netflix, wifi, A.C. but what she wasnt expecting was a man, a sexy one, one with one look makes you week to your knees, and of course not be virgin marry anymore.

Follow Summer through her wildest journey ever.
But the question is can you fall for a wild man?

YESSS!!! Damon Salvatore!!! I like this girl she has good taste, screw stefan
Finally someone else understands me!!!!!!! We're gonna be friends.......;);)