The Devil's Kiss

The Devil's Kiss

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Amber Rose By ilushyouboo Updated 5 hours ago

Lucca D'Amico is the most feared man in America only at the age of 26. He kills anybody that disrespects him without a second thought. He is also very possessive of what's his. You also wouldn't want to get on his bad side, because he could ruin your life in the snap of his fingers.

Landon Cruz is you average 16 year old. Who likes to hang out with his friends and just have fun. He's also gay and he's not afraid to show it. He is extremely shy most of the time BUT he does have his moments where he will cuss you out
So what happens when these two hot headed people cross paths? You will have jealousy, possessiveness, love, and danger. 
Hopefully you guys will enjoy my story. This is my first time ever writing anything so it might not be the best.

Also..... I do NOT own any of the pictures/ videos that are/will be shown in this book.

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