The Pianist and the Beast (Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler)

The Pianist and the Beast (Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler)

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A quiet girl who loves the piano lives for something she doesn't know.

 A broken emotionless boy lives because he has an obligation to do so.  

This is the beginning tale of two unfortunate souls who become familiar strangers. This is the tale of the Pianist and the Beast.

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I_am_deleted_ I_am_deleted_ Apr 03, 2017
                              I hate to say it but : I have fallen in love with Sebastian.
                              *adding Sebby as the 17th fictional boy I've fallen in love with*
He better not say nun, ima shove a garlic bread up his ass if he do
SpaghettiMaster SpaghettiMaster Oct 20, 2017
I can handle salad, but get your nasty dressing off of it. 😷
horriblelove horriblelove Dec 07, 2017
oh come ON a toddler could make that- use your demon powers to their fullest
HeyoItzBeetle HeyoItzBeetle Jul 14, 2017
That's legit me with my love for pasta and my weird ability to swallow noodles whole a whole plate is gone in less than five mins XD
Mizuki259 Mizuki259 Dec 29, 2017
100 pounds? 200 Australian Dollars. That’s not much. Maybe in there time but not now.