Broken Boy

Broken Boy

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The Cheaters Club By TheCheatersClub Updated Dec 02

A.J. Kinsey knew he was never meant to love until he meets the one woman he'll break all the Cheaters Club rules for...even if it leaves him broken.

written by @MarriedtoArod

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OoooooOoo the past has a way of catching up! Another enticing read.  My library is now well and truly stuffed
Mia_Saranto Mia_Saranto Jun 24
Does that not make me your type?! I thought we had a connection!
RebeccaSky RebeccaSky Jun 21
Gahhh I love it so much. Also you nailed the male POV. Not many can pull it off like you just did! I'm sooooo excited to read more!!!
Lana_sky Lana_sky Jun 21
LOVE THIS!  Haha, I thought the opening line was great, but that ending one.  Gosh, your writing is just...  *.*
she's starting to get really predator like, I shall call her panther.
the way you said "welcome to  the cheaters club" woah. I was like I'm in